03/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Letterman To Martha: Emeril "Is Your Little Butt Boy Now, Right?"

Last night, David Letterman hosted Martha Stewart, who is about to celebrate her 500th show. Martha also recently acquired Emeril Lagasse's franchise for $50 million, which prompted Dave to ask: "he's your little butt boy now, right?" Martha played it coy, simply smiling and waving to Emeril, and calling him "an excellent addition to our company" (certainly more graceful than when she told Joan Rivers it was "too bad" Donald Trump wasn't slaughtered for his meat).


From CBS, 3/12

Martha also sat down with Choire Sicha for an interview in the Los Angeles Times celebrating her 500th episode, where she explained that while her staffers may get fat while working for her — Sicha referred to this as the notorious "Martha 15" — the weight gain is offset because "they become famous." Read the entire interview here (login may be required).