08/14/2008 12:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

As Spitzer's Star Falls, Ashley Alexandra Dupré's Is On The Rise

While the pundits debate whether Eliot Spitzer's career is over and exactly what Federal law he's going to be charged with breaking, the media can't get enough of the call girl at the center of it all: Ashley Alexandra Dupré, née Ashley Youmans, and better known as "Kristen," her alias at the Emperor's Club V.I.P., the high-end prostitution ring which knew Eliot Spitzer as Client No. 9. Today's top story is: HOW LONG BEFORE ASHLEY DUPRE IS A STAR?

Here's from the AP: "Penthouse to Spitzer Call Girl: Call Us." Realizing they had a good thing, they expanded it: "Magazines to Spitzer Call Girl: Call Us." And then, even though they'd just answered their own question: "Can Spitzer Call Girl Cash In?" Reuters wonders it, too: "Could woman in Spitzer scandal become a star?" Well, going through the roof at AmieStreet Music isn't everyone's version of stardom, but it's certainly a start — especially when your song goes from free to the max price of $0.98 per download overnight after over 200,000 dowloads (as of last night). Meanwhile, she's been splashed all across the networks — along with fetching photos and soundbites of her musical stylings — and getting hometown radio play that seems to be actually catching on. (ETP's assessment: She can sing, goes high nicely, a good producer could definitely make it work. After all, she was Sandy in "Grease!") At the very least, the glow of one-hit wonder fame seems assured; as the NYDN's Jo Piazza said to Dan Abrams last night on MSNBC: "Its a pretty sexy song...I think, come tomorrow night, they're gonna be busting it up in Marquee." Loyal Marquee-going readers, you'll have to report back on whether said busting up did indeed occur.

Will Ashley Dupré become a star? Well, really, what other option does she have — this is on her permanent record, and she'll never, ever escape it. Her only option is to use it, and so far she's in a pretty good position to do so.* Also, Hustler wants her, too. Hold out for Playboy, Ashley! Or something classy, like in New York! Either way, we probably haven't heard — or seen — the last of Ashley Alexandra Dupré.

Meanwile, the award for most integrity/worst business sense in all this goes to Amie Street Music, which has not pictured, featured or otherwise mentioned its newest and most notorious star anywhere on the main homepage. Congratulations, Amie Street!

UPDATE: Spitzer's call girl is making a killing on her music, and has offers to pose nude, including a million-dollar offer by Hustler's Larry Flynt.

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Sigh. Fine, go ahead, insert your own "pretty good position" joke here. Sheesh. Grow up, already.