03/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Romney: Dems Are "Chihuahuas" While McCain Is "Big Dog"

Mitt Romney held his first conference call Friday with top donors since withdrawing from the GOP race last month, according to sources close to the former governor.

Speaking to members of his finance committee, Romney urged them to get behind John McCain.

A fundraiser on the call characterized Romney's message as: "'I'm with McCain 100 percent.'"

Romney is eager to raise cash for McCain, the source said, and is planning a get-together with some of his major donors next month in Houston to be hosted by L.E. Simmons, a contibutor and oil investor. The event won't be a fundraiser, but Romney is hoping to organize something for McCain at around the same time

Despite the bad blood between the two Republicans during the primary, each said this week that there was no lingering anomosity. And both have taken steps to heal old wounds.

McCain tapped Meg Whitman, head of eBay, to serve as a national co-chair. Whitman was one of Romney's top donors and is a longtime friend from their days together at Bain & Co.

Romney went even further, using his first interview since departing the race to attack Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama while touting McCain's national security credentials. He portrayed the Democrats as yappering "chihuahuas" and deemed McCain a "big dog" when it comes to handling the nation's threats.

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