04/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Pimped Out" Resurfaces On MSNBC

On "Verdict with Dan Abrams" Wednesday night the infamous phrase "pimped out" returned during a discussion of Chelsea Clinton.

The panel — which featured Huffington Post Media Editor Rachel Sklar, radio hosts Bill Press and Stephanie Miller, and Butler University student Evan Strange — was debating the merits of asking Chelsea to comment on her mother's credibility in light of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which Strange asked her to do the day before. Miller jumped in with the dreaded two words that caused MSNBC so much grief and earned David Shuster a two week suspension (though he ultimately claimed he was "thrown under the bus to pay for the sins the of father").

A wary Dan Abrams immediately went into polite damage control, dismissing the phrase "pimped out" as "unacceptable," and saying, "this has been an issue here, we don't need another issue."

From MSNBC, 3/27

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