04/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Poll: McCain's Age Problem

A new poll from the NBC and the Wall Street Journal finds that voters have problems voting for a candidate of McCain's age, apparently far more than object to supporting either an African American or female candidate. MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell previewed the poll earlier today (the full results will be announced later tonight):

O'DONNELL: Here's what the voters think according to a brand new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released just this afternoon. 71% say Americans are ready to elect a woman as president, 20% say no. The results are nearly identical when voters were asked whether Americans were ready to elect an African-American as president. 72% said yes and 18% said no. We will have more on this NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll tonight.

We also asked about in that number about McCain's age and how many people want to elect someone his age. Less people want to elect someone McCain's age than want to elect an African-American or a woman. We're going to have more of those poll results. NBC Washington bureau chief Tim Russert will have more of those details on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and of course on Hardball tonight.