04/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Must See Video: Chikezie, Mini-Hillary, A Scary Kardashian, Defending Hasselbeck, And More!

This week America ousted Chikezie, one of the few remaining contestants with any talent, from "American Idol." But after seeing the following clip, it's nice to know Chikezie can always count on the unconditional love of his mom, who... Wait a sec... Isn't he singing Luther Vandross's love song "If Only For One Night"?... And don't her gestures mean... Oh no. Must... erase... from... memory...

From Fox 3/25/08.

If you've been "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", you're just as confused as I am about why this family is on television. I get that Kim had a sex tape, and she's the offspring of O.J.'s old lawyer, but is there any real talent here? Sadly, as we discover in this next clip, the answer is no. Kim's sister Khloe (not to be confused with her doppleganger, wrestler/rehab star Chyna) has enrolled in acting class. And while her Hollywood hopes might not be fulfilled anytime soon, at least we found a clip where a Kardashian comes across as the normal one.

From E! 3/23/08.

Penn Jillette got kicked off of "Dancing with the Stars" this week, but he didn't go out without a bang. A couple bangs to be exact.

From ABC 3/24/08.

We've done our part in giving "The View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck a hard time for all the ridiculous things she's said over the years. This next clip then, courtesy of Funnyordie.com, is our way of saying sorry. Maybe she does know what she's talking about after all.

From Funnyordie.com

And finally this week, the most disturbingly awesome video you will see, well, probably until Monday. She's blowing up on YouTube, gaining fans from exposure on CNN and MSNBC, and now she makes her Huffington Post debut. Ladies and gentlemen, La Pequena Hillary Clinton.

From YouTube.com/comediaotravez