04/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gore Shows New Evidence That Climate Change May Be Worse Than Predicted

Al Gore's brand-new slideshow on climate change went live early Tuesday morning over at Ted.com. In his new presentation, Gore presents evidence that the pace of climate change may be even worse than scientists were recently predicting. Gore laments the "sclerosis in our democracy," and says "in order to solve the climate crisis, we have to solve the Democracy crisis." Gore also said that while all three remaining presidential candidates have an approach to climate change that is different from the current administration, he said that global warming has been largely absent from the 2008 campaign. When asked what his role might be going forward, Gore responded, "I have prayed that I would be able to find the answer to the question 'what can I do?'" Gore's presentation is followed by a brief Q&A in which he is asked for his verdict on the current political candidates' climate policies.

Watch the entire presentation by clicking here.

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