04/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Henry Lee Hopper's Sickness: Mono Sidelines Dennis Hopper's Son From Film Debut

"Jumper" star Max Thierot will replace Henry Lee Hopper as the lead in Wes Craven's tentatively titled horror thriller "25/8."

There were no creative differences between Craven and Dennis Hopper's son, who was set to make his screen debut as one of seven teens haunted by a killer who supposedly died when they were born. The 17-year-old actor contracted an illness common to fellow teens: mononucleosis.

"Wes said he was thinking about pushing the film back but couldn't because of the possible actors strike," said Hopper, who left the project a week ago and will enjoy time with his friends in California during their last summer home before college. "I saw (Thierot's) audition, and he's a talented guy, really flexible, which fulfills the needs of the role."

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