04/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton And Obama Trade Insults As They Storm Through Pennsylvania

Barack Obama on Saturday accused rival Hillary Clinton of internalizing "a lot of the strategies and tactics that have made Washington such a miserable place," while Clinton implied that Obama's sensitivity in their last debate showed that he isn't ready for the "overwhelming" pressures of a general election.

By foot, bus and train, the two Democratic presidential rivals criss-crossed Pennsylvania making competing pitches for voters in Tuesday's crucial primary.

Obama, the underdog in this state, went on the attack, while Clinton's criticisms of her opponent were more subtle.

Obama accused Clinton of flip-flopping her positions on the Iraq war and trade policy to match popular opinion. He also organized a conference call in which Pennsylvania veterans who served in Bosnia slammed Clinton for her erroneous recollections of coming under sniper fire there while first lady in 1996.

For all of the campaign's recent controversies, from Clinton's Bosnia problem to Obama's recent gaffe about "bitter" voters, their closing arguments here boil down to what they've argued since the Iowa caucuses in January.

Clinton: That she's more tested and prepared, more substance over hype. Obama: That he represents a politics that is new and untainted while Clinton embraces a more cynical status quo.

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