05/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

General Ray Odierno: Petraeus's Iraq Replacement

Who will replace General Petraeus as the Senior Commander in Iraq? Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, a familiar face in the media and the man who has been serving as Petraeus's Deputy, is expected to take on the job. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who announced General Odierno's nomination at a press conference today, thanked him for accepting a move back to Iraq only two months after he had returned from a tour. Gates said that Petraeus will most likely leave Iraq in the late summer or early fall.

More on General Odierno from his official bio page:

Lieutenant General Raymond T. Odierno grew up in northern New Jersey, attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, and graduated in June 1976 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Later, General Odierno attended North Carolina State University and the Naval War College, receiving Masters degrees in Nuclear Effects Engineering and National Security and Strategy, respectively. General Odierno is also a graduate of the Army War College.

General Odierno's initial tours took him to United States Army Europe and Seventh Army, Germany where he served as Platoon leader and Survey Officer of the 1 st Battalion, 41 st Field Artillery, 56 th Field Artillery Brigade as well as Aide-de-Camp to the Brigade's Commanding General. Following completion of the Artillery Officer Advance Course, General Odierno was assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where he commanded Service Battery, Alpha Battery, and served as Battalion S3 in the 1 st Battalion, 73 rd Field Artillery. Additionally, during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, General Odierno served as the Executive Officer first for the 2 nd Battalion, 3 rd Field Artillery and then the Division Artillery, 3 rd Armored Division.