05/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kira Plastinina: The World's Most Spoiled 15-Year-Old?

"When I grew up, I stopped wanting to be a princess. I always said I wanted to be a designer," Kira explains. "Or do something that has to do with fashion." Her English is perfect, with only the slightest Slavic weight at the ends of sentences and words. She has long pin-straight brown hair and round brown eyes, and says "like" with the same frequency as an American teen. She has a Paris Hilton accent on the word cute, so that it comes out "cyut." She loves ponies, puppies, and the color pink. She talks a lot about her best friends and says that her social life consists mainly of sleepovers. She's met Hilton twice--the first time was when Kira's dad reportedly paid Hilton $2 million to attend one of her shows. "She's just really sweet," Kira says. "She wears my clothes, I really like her, she's fun. We sort of talked about people writing stuff that's not true. I would get upset, I would be, like, why, it's not true. But now that I've talked to Paris, I feel better."

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