06/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Paper Airline Tickets Finished: Airlines To Go All Electronic June 1st

Major U.S. airlines recently announced that they were raising their prices. Now the the whole industry is throwing a curveball at travelers: as of June 1st, all airline tickets will be electronic. The era of the paper airline ticket has come to an end:

The paper airline ticket comes to the end of its life on Sunday when 240 carriers belonging to the world association IATA switch to all electronic ticketing, much of it through Internet booking.

IATA members account for 94 percent of world airline traffic and by the end of February, 94 percent of them had already abandoned the rectangle of stiff paper in favour of digital technology...

...The last paper tickets will be sold on Saturday, and the International Air Transport Association estimates that its member airlines will save three billion dollars (1.9 billion euros) a year, a much needed economy in the face of a huge rise in fuel costs.