06/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Bike Gear Makes Your Ride Even Greener

We've always been impressed with the way Terrapass think beyond offsets to how they can actually encourage folks to lead greener lifestyles too. From tips on greener flying to recycling old cell phones, the company's message is loud and clear that offsetting can only work if is part of a wider carbon reduction strategy. Now the company is stepping into the political arena, helping members voice their concerns about proposals for a gas-tax holiday with an online campaign. On a separate note, Terrapass also recently added an online store, selling products for a greener lifestyle, including devices for measuring electricity consumption, and smart power strips that help cut down on energy-sucking vampire devices. The latest addition to the store is a bunch of cycling gear in honor of bike-to-work day. Unfortunately we're more convinced by some offerings than others...

First up in the bike section of the store is a wind-up bike light system from Trevor Bayliss, inventor of the most excellent Freeplay Radio. Now, forgive us for our cynicism, but who is going to want to wind their bike light for a minute in order to get 20 minutes of illumination? Especially when efficient LED lights' batteries last so long anyway. Similarly, a wind-turbine mounted on the front of your bike seems like more drag than it's worth. However, the motion-activated LED tire lights, and the front and rear light set powered by magnets on your wheels seem to make a lot more sense - taking a small amount of your peddling effort to power your lights seems like common sense - we'd just rather not do it through increased wind resistance or a minute of cranking-like-crazy on the sidewalk. Having said that, we don't have first-hand experience of any of these products, so if readers' have positive (or negative) things to report, please don't be shy. And we're still pleased to see Terrapass promoting biking as a clean transport option - whether you have a wind turbine attached to your ride or not.

The HYmini personal wind turbine is a portable power supply that can be topped up with wind energy. Attach to your bike for extra power.

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