06/11/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Lost" Star Harold Perrineau Clarifies Comments Hinting At Show Racism

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You expressed displeasure with the way your story line ended, calling it "not cool." Do you feel bitter about what happened?
HAROLD PERRINEAU: I wouldn't say I'm bitter. I'm just like the fans, and I got excited when Michael was coming back. I thought it was really significant when Michael dropped those people off with the Others; I thought he was going to have something just as significant when he came back. I was disappointed that he didn't. He didn't get to make amends with those people. And nobody got to see [him try to neutralize the bomb]. Walt didn't get to see it. Jin got to see it, but wasn't necessarily so mad at him. And Desmond, who Michael didn't know at all, was there. I was disappointed more than anything, like the fans were disappointed. Like I think the fans were disappointed.

You were quoted as saying that the loss of Michael meant that Walt "winds up being another fatherless child, [and] it plays into a really big, weird stereotype." Did you voice that concern to the producers?
There's not been any conversation about that. That was just my point-of-view in an interview. This is nothing that I've ever talked to the writers about, or I think is necessarily anything I should talk to them about. Their job is to make the story work. My feelings about the social implications are my feelings. My feelings don't determine what the storyline is.

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