06/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

After Concession Speech, Reporters Wonder: Where's Hillary Clinton?

After a year and a half directly in the spotlight, where has Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gone?

"They're currently taking some time off as a family," said one spokesperson.

"Sorry Charlie, she's enjoying some well-deserved R & R," said another adviser, Philippe Reines.

Clues suggest Clinton has been at home in Washington and Chappaqua, speaking by phone to superdelegates -- but not yet going back to her office in the Senate. There is nothing on her official calendar of appearances, and her husband does not begin hitting the public circuit again until next Tuesday, with a speech at Radio City Music Hall (the former president was supposed to give a graduation speech in California this Friday, but had to cancel due to a campus labor dispute that threatened to put him in the position of crossing picket lines).

Chelsea Clinton has dropped further from view: Her Facebook page was no longer visible on Wednesday, and at least one recently "friended" person could not find her on the site.

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