06/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Everybody Loves Aaron!

This is from New York magazine's "Comments" section this week, about last week's Q&A with Aaron Brown, former CNN anchor and just-signed host of a PBS documentary series:

"If television ratings measured depth of viewers' feelings, rather than just raw numbers, Aaron Brown would surely still be delivering the evening news on CNN. Michael Martin's interview with Brown about his new documentary series for PBS ("Intelligencer: A Brand News Day," June 9) drew one of the largest and most passionate responses of any story in last week's issue. The bits of criticism that surfaced--"A very nasal voice. He just doesn't sound good," and "In the run-up to the Iraq war, Aaron Brown was part of the problem"--were swamped by unabashed love for the plainspoken broadcaster: "A great newsman who works hard to get his facts straight ... the news world needs more Aaron Browns ... Aaron rocks."

That struck me, because I remember that the comments on my own interview with Brown last July were also almost uniformly positive, which is unusual for a site like the Huffington Post, where the comments are often, shall we say, opinionated and sometimes polarized. (I write about Hillary Clinton a lot, dontcha know.) But since I noticed that back last summer, I have kept an eye out for comments on items pertaining to Brown, and they have always seemed to skew definitively toward to appreciative and complimentary. Whether this means that Brown is an unusually popular newsman or that they'll only love you when you're gone I couldn't say; I suspect, however, that it may well be the former.

Anyhow — that's two examples of Brown-love, and we all know that three's a trend, so feel free to leave links in the comments. Or just let me know what you think about Hillary, because I'm not really sure!

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