06/21/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Broadway Baby: Mario Lopez In Body Battle With Costar

WHAT started as a battle of the biceps has turned into the battle of the bulges between stars of Broadway's "A Chorus Line."

Last month, Mario Lopez and co-star Nick Adams clashed when Lopez refused to wear his character Zach's trademark costume of a long-sleeve tan sweater. As first reported by The Post's Michael Riedel, Lopez wanted to show off his biceps, so he wore a short-sleeve brown shirt in order to display his "guns."

Lopez also requested that Adams, who plays assistant choreographer Larry, cover up his navy-blue tank top with a baggy hoodie whenever he danced next to Lopez. When Adams does wear just the tank top, it's in the show's opening dance number, where he's banished to the back of the line and can barely be seen by the audience.

Now the rivalry between the hunks has been pumped up with word that the men's-underwear company 2(x)ist has decided it wants Adams front and center in a shirtless ad and that it passed over Lopez.

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