06/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin: "All I Want Is To Be Loved"

"I like charming people," says Alec Baldwin. "I think it's the only talent I have."

Here Baldwin is, perched on a stool in the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel in LA, smiling his Cupid's-bow smile and benignly sipping an iced coffee. Is it safe to ask him why he gets so furious?

"Well, if you have four bad days in four straight years, then all four of them are depicted in the media, then yeah. The other 360 days of the year, when you're just handing out lollipops and riding unicorns through cotton-candy forests and everything's so magical, they don't report that."

He says his relationship with daughter Ireland, now 12, is "great," despite the ongoing custody battle.

Later this year, he is publishing a book on the subject of "parental alienation" entitled "A Promise to Ourselves: Fatherhood, Divorce and Family Law."

Despite a professed hatred for LA, he now splits his time between that city, where Ireland lives with mom Kim Basinger, and New York, where his hit TV show "30 Rock" is filmed.

Does he believe in love and marriage?

"Oh yeah, I do. I've been single for seven years and as I get older, I think all I want is to be loved. The world becomes a place where you think, let everyone else have it. Let them all fight over jobs and money . . . You want things in life that are lovely."

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