06/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ralph Nader Sings About Consumer Advocacy on Sesame Street in 1988 (VIDEO)

"Your Aunt Myrtle knitted you a lemon!" says Ralph Nader, clearly reading off of a teleprompter, (or whatever similar device Sesame Street is employing), during a brief break in his heartwrenching duet "A Consumer Advocate is Someone in your Neighborhood." Watch the video from the golden age of politics related childrens' songs, the 80's, below. Be warned, the tune is infectious.

Nader appeared on the show as a favor to his cousin Oscar the Grouch... Wait, "I'd like to recall that joke!" Nader is slated to appear on Sesame Street again in October to better reflect his current appearance in the political scene, singing his new song "A Spoiler is Someone in Your Election."