06/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gary, Indiana Mayor and his Tax-Funded Hummer (VIDEO)

Is FOX News taking a green outlook? In a piece aired on June 20th on the normally conservative station, Neil Cavuto grills Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, Indiana on his vehicle choice. Watch:

While Cavuto does put an emphasis on "the tax-payers" rather than the Earth taking the brunt of Mayor Clay's actions, he does mention hybrids as an alternative to the H3.
Mayor Clay attempts to make the point that he owns an H3, not the previous Hummer models, stating "the gas mileage is really good," and "the word Hummer really throws people off, make you think you're driving a big automobile. I'm not driving one of those, they're gas-guzzlers." The model Mayor Clay drives gets 14 miles per gallon. But, we can't blame him he "really wanted a Jeep Cherokee!"

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