06/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sen. Lindsey Graham Flacks McCain, Offers Hysterical Histrionics On Meet The Press

We took note of this on this morning's Sunday Morning liveblog, but Lindsey Graham's hilariously operatic, garment-rending performance on Meet The Press this morning deserves a special mention of its own. Pressed into duty to defame Obama for opting to continue his own fundraising process in lieu of the public financing he agreed to take way before he had any idea that his own superior method of public financing would prove itself to be far more effective, Graham came to show with a pocketful of woe and a story of Barack's broken promises. He quickly spun this into melodramatic gold, pretending to be stung and betrayed and emotionally out of tune over the matter.

It all culminated in this histrionic moment, where Graham appears to almost tear up and bemoan the waste of Obama's "talent" and "potential" over this issue. It's quite riveting! Mostly because it's so utterly, hopelessly, transparently fake! This is like watching some kid break down and weep, "Say it isn't so, Shoeless Joe!" because the White Sox fixed the 1919 World Series, except the kid is secretly a Reds fan and hates the White Sox and anyway wants to grow up to fix as many games for John McCain as possible. That's the level if disingenuousness.

Anyway, consider this Graham's audition reel for Days Of Our Lives, where he insists that "The reason John McCain is going to beat him is because John has put the country ahead of the desire to win for himself."

You want a quick shorthand for how to tell if the candidate has put your needs ahead of his desire to be President? It's really easy. You ask: Did the candidate offer us a gas tax holiday? If the answer is "Yes," then NO HE JUST WANTS TO WIN, THE END.


GRAHAM: That's news to everyone who listens to what he said and this is just really sad for the country. For somebody with this much ability, this much talent, to fall this far, this soon. The idea that we're going to change this country and do things that are hard and tough and keep one's word is music to the American people's ears. Well, let me tell you, what he did by breaking his promise, is reinforce every bad thing wrong with politics and he can talk about it, Joe, till the cows come home. This guy wants to win, he'll do anything to win. And the reason John McCain is going to beat him is because John has put the country ahead of the desire to win for himself and that's going to be the defining issue in this election.