07/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McClellan: Cheney's Book Should Be Titled "I Upped Halliburton's Income - So Up Yours"

Scott McClellan, speaking to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, took another jab at old boss, Vice President Dick Cheney.

From The San Francisco Chronicle:

McClellan who is clear that he has no great admiration for Cheney, joked to the audience that his national book tour has given him some ideas for book titles Cheney might consider: "The Lies I Told," or "I Upped Halliburton's Income - So Up Yours."

He also said that during his two terms, Cheney has increased the power of the vice presidency, which was "one of the vice president's pet projects."

McClellan, talking with press members after the address, also noted he may support the Democrats this fall, though he doesn't yet know if switching allegiances would last beyond this year.