07/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

CNN Commemorates McCain Internet Joke With T-Shirt

Hey, everyone! Remember a couple days ago when Mark Soohoo, who is ostensibly part of John McCain's "internet team," ran afoul of blogger Tracy Russo, who accused McCain of not being sufficiently proficient in the use of the web and social media and Microsoft Excel and stuff? Soohoo offered up the retort, "John McCain is aware of the internet," and everyone in the room just laughed and laughed. Remember that? Well, Wonkette reports today that now, thanks to CNN, you can commemorate this experience yourself by buying a t-shirt emblazoned with the immortal line. This is pretty much the most wonderful thing that could have resulted from the McCain presidential candidacy.

To get the shirt, you will likely have to select it from CNN's archive of June headlines, where you can also find shirts that say, "Obama 'arrogant,' charges Karl Rove," "Granny, 93, throws first baseball pitch," and "Surf's up in Cuba."