07/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Is Your Sunscreen Really Working?

ABC News is reporting a new study suggesting that many sunscreens are not actually doing that much screening of the sun.

In its new report, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group says that 85 percent of sunscreens either inadequately protect from the sun's rays or contain ingredients that may be unsafe.

They say that the problem is worsened by the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has not passed standards for testing and labeling sunscreens -- meaning that makers often have carte blanche when it comes to making claims about their products.

That said, this doesn't mean you can chuck the sunscreen and head straight for the baby oil. Instead, "medical experts are quick to caution that consumers would not be wise to eliminate the use of sunscreen from their summertime ritual, because that could expose them to an increased risk of skin cancer."

The Environmental Working Group has also gone so far as to recommend 142 sunscreen products that they do feel are meeting solar standards.

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