07/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Conservative Christian Group Invokes Slavery In Opposing Obama

The Christian Defense Coalition held their anti-Obama press conference today -- "An Appeal to Catholics Regarding the 2008 Presidential Election" -- complete with the "I want you to pay for abortions" Obama-as-Uncle-Sam picture we told you about Monday as well as some other interesting material.

Such as: this image of slavery, invoked in the CDC's literature to argue that there is nothing wrong with Catholics being "single issue" voters on abortion.

Argues the CDC: "if that issue involves a fundamental right, such as the right to life for a certain group of human beings, and there is only one morally legitimate position on that issue...no faithful Catholic would vote for a candidate who, although 'personally opposed to slavery,' supported 'a white man's right to choose' to own slaves."

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