07/28/2008 04:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Economists 'Endorsed' McCain's Economics Plan? Actually, No

On Monday, John McCain's campaign released a statement signed by 300 economists who "enthusiastically support" his "Jobs for America" economic plan. There's just one problem.

Politico reports, "Upon closer inspection, it seems a good many of those economists don't actually support the whole of McCain's economic agenda. And at least one doesn't even support McCain for president."

In interviews with several signatories, Politico found that, "far from embracing McCain's economic plan, many were unfamiliar with -- or downright opposed to -- key details. While most of those contacted by Politico had warm feelings about McCain, many did not want to associate themselves too closely with his campaign and its policy prescriptions."

What's more, the statement signed by the economists didn't even mention two critical planks McCain's economic argument: "the gas tax holiday and his promise to balance the budget by the end of his first term -- there's literally nothing in the release that mentions the deficit or national debt."

Indeed, the Huffington Post surveyed economists from across the political spectrum and couldn't find a single one who supports two of McCain's signature economic/energy positions: increased off-shore drilling and a gas tax holiday.