07/17/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Would Apple Blacklist Newsweek For Hiring Fake Steve Jobs?

Hope you've gotten your fill of Dan Lyons' great Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs blog, because it's going away. Unlike previous burials that Dan has given Fake Steve, the one he posted today is real. While Dan, who created the blog while working at Forbes magazine, has the rights to take the site with him to his new gig at Newsweek, he tells us that he is indeed done with Fake Steve.

Except that this is Fake Steve/Dan Lyons, so it's never exactly cut and dry: As a Bits item notes, Dan is done with the Fake Steve blog, but he has sold the movie rights to Hollywood middlemen Media Rights Capital, and its possible that the character could show up in other formats. Use your imagination here. Oh. And did we mention the greatest hits book, out today?

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