07/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Playboy's Hottest Female Bloggers

Recently two of the Internet's loveliest personalities, Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing and sex columnist Violet Blue, had a very public row in the blogosphere when Jardin removed every reference to Blue from public view on her site, totaling around 70 posts. As the New York Times notes, the fracas raised the issue of whether unpublishing posts on a popular blog (currently there are 1,600-plus comments on the decision) is something a blogger has a right to do.

We'll admit, though, that we got a bit more excited when we saw old pics of the pair canoodling on Valleywag. Two sexy, smart, web-savvy women -- together? We can't think of anything hotter.

Which got us thinking: Who are some more of the blogosphere's sexiest women? We scanned the web for some of our favorite female bloggers and video bloggers (or "vloggers") from the worlds of finance, entertainment, tech and sex, and we want to know who your favorite is. Vote now and we'll ask the most click-worthy candidate to pose for

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