07/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Snubbed Fox News On Trip Abroad

Stephen Colbert point outs something that no one seems to have noticed: Fox News' anchor Chris Wallace wasn't invited to trail Barack Obama on his trip abroad.

COLBERT: You see, in recent months, McCain boxed Obama into a corner by saying it was important that Obama visit Iraq. Checkmate. No way out of that one. But now Obama is cheating, by visiting Iraq. The good news is there's so much media attention, there's always a possibility of a huge gaffe doing irreparable damage to his campaign ...

Now I was not invited on this trip. But, that's fine. But I am not the only one who was snubbed.

[video of FOX & Friends]
DOOCY: Why are you not on Barack Obama's airplane heading to the Middle East right now?
WALLACE: Well, I called the Obama campaign several weeks ago and said that I'd like to go and my invitation has apparently been lost in the mail.
[end video]

COLBERT: Well, maybe that's what this is. Here you go. [holds up envelope] Oh my God, it's Chris Wallace's invitation to the Obama trip! They sent it to me by accident. This could be my ticket to cover Barack Obama's historic trip! All I have to do is...oh...and then people might think I was Chris Wallace. Just not worth the risk.

Watch the video: has started a petition to thank Barack Obama here.