Jon Stewart Explains The Difference Between Osama And Obama To Media: "Obama Has Only One Radical Muslim Wife" (VIDEO)

Jumping off a series of clips of pundits and TV hosts mixing up the names Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden, Jon Stewart laid out the differences between the president candidate and the terrorist leader on Wednesday night's "The Daily Show."

"Now, this is all Barack Obama's fault, obviously, for having a really ridiculous name," Stewart joked, before running a pictorial comparing the physical differences between the two.

"Here's some more," Stewart continued. "Barack Obama has only one radical Muslim wife. Between Obama and Osama, the Bush administration is putting massive resources into trying to defeat one of them [Obama]. And one of them was recently the subject of a scathing New Yorker cover [see below]. Ooh, they made Osama seem elitist!"


Mock Osama New Yorker cover: