08/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Phil Spector Destroys Obama Campaign With Endorsement

Via Wonkette, we learn that Senator Barack Obama has got another round of renouncing and denouncing to do, this time because kooky record producer-slash-murder suspect Phil Spector was seen in court wearing a "Barack Obama Rocks" button, which is the Flag Lapel Pin of terrorists who God Damn America. Clearly, Obama will have to lose whatever loving feelings he has for Spector or Pat Buchanan will continue to shout crazy spittle from his teeny box on The Race For The White House. But why hasn't Obama done so already? Just last week he was in Berlin calling for the tearing down of the Walls Of Sound that divide us.

John McCain has been slow to run one of his hilarious ads on the subject, probably because when he first heard the Crystals sing "There's No Other (Like My Baby), McCain was 700 years old and it made him all a'scurred because it was "the Devil's music."

Oh, and Pat Buchanan on The Race For The White House this evening? MIND-BENDING.