08/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

How To Sleep Well On A Hot Night

Everyone knows that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep on a sweltering night. The Guardian's Jon Henley has come up with some tips to help beat the heat.

He recommends doing your best to keep your bedroom cool:

"Keep windows and blinds shit during the day, then throw them open at night...Get what air there is circulating. If it's still baking, consider decamping: is there a cooler room in the house?"

If that fails, get a fan. Or, take it a few steps further:

"Some people place ingenious home-cooling devices - trays of ice cubes balanced on stools, wet towels suspended from chairs - between fan and bed, so the air that reaches them is ready-chilled. (Others, I'm told, peg their top sheet to a fan at the bottom of the bed, delivering a non-stop flow of air exactly where it's needed.)"

And lastly, cool yourself down before you try to sleep.

"Take a cold shower. Alternatively, chill just your hands, feet and head. My friend Alison says (seriously) a pair of wrung-out wet socks works a treat, as do soggy bandanas or wristbands. The Egyptians swear by a damp top sheet; I once met a Texan in Corsica who sprayed and then froze (I'm not kidding) his sheet and pillowcase every morning."