08/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans Claim Their Protest Has Lowered Gas Prices

Even though McCain's ex-economic advisor Phil Gramm set off an uproar last month for saying Americans are experiencing a "mental" recession and we are a "nation of whiners," Republicans continue to assert the country's economic woes can be solved with a few encouraging words. Just two weeks ago, McCain claimed Bush's announcement that he would lift the presidential ban on offshore drilling has lowered oil prices. It's not surprising that McCain would give Bush that credit since he did say in June that his own offshore drilling proposal would have mostly "psychological" benefits. The Republicans clearly think these are "psychological" benefits that reduce gas prices. And why wouldn't they think the collective US mindset can lower gas prices when they think it can create recessions...?

Republicans on Capitol Hill are telling the media today that this magic formula is working for them. They are saying their protest to hold a vote on an energy package that includes offshore drilling has led to lower gas prices. Yes, their protest, which has mainly consisted of speeches to tourists, has helped lowered gas prices! Problem is, the protest was to be able to vote on domestic drilling and that hasn't happened. So they are saying their failed protest is in fact lowering oil prices. But wasn't the point of the protest to get a vote on the bill because that was the only thing that could lower gas prices? If you want to continue to be confused then read more from the Hill:

House Republicans on Tuesday said their protest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) decision not to allow a vote on expanded offshore oil drilling has helped lower gas prices.

Heading into a third day of speeches in the near-empty chamber, Republicans acknowledged that the average price of gas and oil has declined in recent weeks. But they claimed credit for part of that reduction.

Watch video clips from the protest posted by Congressman John Culberson.