09/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin Interview: "Couldn't Care Less" About Own Emmy, Abruptly Walks Out

ALEC BALDWIN was rushed and soaked with sweat as he entered the Upper West Side home of a photographer for a portrait shoot and an interview. He closed himself in a tiny air-conditioned office, decided not to be photographed on account of the heat and made a long phone call. The words " Democratic Party" and "$600,000" floated out.

The next morning he would receive his seventh Emmy nomination, his second as lead actor in a comedy for his role as crazed mercenary network honcho Jack Donaghy on the NBC comedy " 30 Rock."

"I'm not an awards-driven person in anything. Anytime you do get caught up in that, you usually end up getting whacked." We were then nearly knee-to-knee in his newly commandeered headquarters. "I'd like the show to win an Emmy," he went on. "Individually, I couldn't care less."

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