McCain's Internet Muscle Revealed In New Study

Despite John McCain's self-described computer "illiteracy" and dearth of popularity among young voters, web tracking company Attributor recently revealed that McCain's internet exposure is nothing to sneeze at, and is in some places better than Obama's. In a recent study of over 25 billion web pages, including blogs and social networks, Attributor tracked the proliferation of each candidate's name and message.

From the study:

• McCain is holding his own online. The overall audience viewing each candidate's message was virtually the same with each totaling over 65 Million page views.

• McCain's campaign messages are more likely to be picked up from his position statements (64%) than his speeches (36%) Obama's messages are picked up more often through his speeches (71%) than his issue statements (29%).

Despite allegations of media favoritism, McCain's words are featured 112% more often on news sites than Obama's. In July there were over 20 Million views of McCain's messages on news sites.

• Obama is dominating the blogosphere with over 12 Million views of his messages occurring on blogs in July. Twice as many bloggers repeat his messages than those of McCain. Obama owns a similar advantage on social networking sites like Face book and MySpace.

Click here to download the entire study as a PDF.