09/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Margaret Cho Returns To TV

RIGHT at the outset of "The Cho Show," Margaret Cho brings up her unfortunate first dalliance with television, the 1994-95 flop "All-American Girl."

"Hollywood thought I was too Asian, and Asians thought I wasn't Asian enough," she says of her short-lived ABC sitcom.

"The Cho Show," a new seven-episode, half-hour series billed as a "reality sitcom" and set to start on Aug. 21 on VH1, will be her chance to show a television audience who she really is. In the first episode Ms. Cho, 39, appears naked except for a painted-on dress and a G-string. She also introduces her quirky entourage: Selene Luna, Ms. Cho's 3-foot-10 assistant and enabler; a gay "glam squad" in charge of the star's makeup, wardrobe and hair; and her long-suffering parents, Seung Hoon and Young Hie Cho, who are given the rare opportunity to speak for themselves after years of being known only through their daughter's merciless impersonations.

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