09/11/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gmail Outage: Internet Resorts To 140-Character Complaints As Email Site Goes Down

Gmail appears to be functioning on private domains and personal accounts again.

For those still feeling the hurt from the Gmail outage, the HTML version of Gmail appears to work better for some. You may have to type in the full URL manually, which is:



Gmail experienced wide outages across the internet, prompting tons of complaints on Twitter. Private domains and mobile devices also suffered from the email site's downtime.

Anthony Ha of The Industry Standard blog rues the day he made fun of a co-worker for sticking with Outlook mail, and says the failure makes a case against corporate adoption of Google apps:

These problems, especially coming back-to-back, really hurt Google's credibility as it pushes for more corporate adoption. If nothing, Google needs to make make its rumored integration of Gmail with Google's web/desktop synchronizing product Google Gears happen ASAP. Like. now.

Until things get fixed, if you need to get contact me right away, please direct message me on Twitter. And no, the irony of that statement isn't lost on us.

Twitter users, familiar with frequent site outages that result in the display of a friendly cartoon whale known as the "Fail Whale," have coined the term "GFail Whale" for the Gmail problem.

No word was immediately posted about the Gmail outage on the official blog, however a Gmail representative has posted on the Gmail Google Group the following message acknowledging that at least some of Gmail is down:

The Gmail team is currently aware of a subset of users being affected by the 502 error on login. Our engineers are looking into the issue and we will provide updates here as they become available.

Gmail Guide

There also appears to be a Google Group titled, simply, "Gmail down," for those times when Gmail is down. The description of the group is: "A group to let Gmail users tell others when they cannot access Gmail, so that the individual users don't think it is their own fault and go crazy from the isolation."

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch humbly took the blame for the Gmail outage:

We're waiting on Google for a comment on the reason for the outage, but I can't help but suspect that my decision yesterday to abandon MobileMe/.Mac in favor of the super-stable Google apps may have been a factor. Sometimes Google does things just to spite me.

Meanwhile, the productivity of 20 million people worldwide just spiked upward.

Thanks a lot, jerk.

Gmail complaint tweet highlights:

::HuffPost's own Rachel Sklar's doesn't even need 140 characters.
::Private domains have been hit, too -- and we at HuffPost can confirm this from first-hand experience, as well.
::Minitweet -- three words that say it all, on behalf of the Web
::Slamming Twitter and Gmail at the same time

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