05/11/2009 02:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cindy Adams And Barbara Walters' Ambien Adventures

Cindy Adams, the New York Post gossip columnist, recently took a vacation with herpal Barbara Walters. In order to endure their New York-to-Rome flight, Cindy wrote in her column Tuesday, the two media mavens each popped an Ambien so they could sleep soundly on the overnight flight. When that failed, and they each woke up three hours before landing, Cindy "helped [herself] to a second one" (a major, and obvious, Ambien no-no) while Barbara wisely abstained. And, to let Cindy tell it, that is where the fun began:

SHE tried to wake me. The flight at tendant tried to wake me. I slept.

Finally my delicate friend yelled in my ear, "Breakfast!" That did it.

Glassy-eyed, I sat up. "Eggs. Where's the eggs?" I'm told I mumbled.

"Too late," she said. "We're landing."

She tried to pour black coffee down my swanlike throat.

"I like milk in mine," I'm told I dribbled.

SHE hand-fed me a croissant. I think. I don't remember. Because as it made its way down my swanlike throat I dozed off again. She says she tried to get me to stand. Forget it.

The flight attendant said, "I'll get a wheelchair for your friend." Two men navigated me off the plane, out the door, down the stairs to the wheelchair. Even John Edwards isn't as dead as I was. The report is I got in, a big smile on my face, and waved goodbye to the crew like Queen Elizabeth in the royal coach.

The nice men wheeled me to a waiting car. Minus a seat belt, I was slumped way over like a hoop. My head was on my knees - like in the crash position. The big star of "20/20" and "The View" hauled our carry-on bags, hers and mine.

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