09/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Daley For Governor?

Former Commerce Secretary and mayoral brother Bill Daley has been considering running for Illinois governor in 2010 for awhile.

He's at the Democratic Convention in Denver in his capacity as a top Obama advisor, but Lynn Sweet reports that he's also using his time to lay some groundwork for a potential run:

[Thursday] is the 88th anniversary of women getting the vote and former Commerce Sec. Bill Daley, a top Obama advisor is at Day Two of the Democratic convention co- hosting a reception for the nation's female Democratic governors, wearing his bankers' hat. The event is sponsored by JP Morgan Chase; Jamie Dimon, its CEO and chairman and Daley, the vice chairman. [...] Daley is contemplating running for governor in 2010.

Sweet also reports that Daley has done statewide polling and "found that he could sell the Daley brand Downstate." Comparing himself to statewide Democratic officeholders Gov. Blagojevich, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Comptroller Dan Hynes and Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Sweet says Daley "found nothing in the results that would discourage him from running."

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