09/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Standout Convention Twitters

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Michelle giving Hillary major props: "Thanks to her, my husband is a better candidate." -addiestan

Sarah Silverman bounds off elevator, "Well that would be a scumbag thing for the Republicans to do!" -dceiver

Listen up... "I am a liberal," Maddow says. "I'm not a partisan, not a Democratic Party hack. I'm not trying to advance anybody's agenda." -jayrosen_nyu

Michelle thanked the Women's Caucus for its support of "not just this campaign, but of me, as a woman." -addiestan

what the hell is up with journey being played at the tail end of dnc parties? -alisavino

New Plouffe declaration: McCain/Romney would be the greatest job killing machine in the history of American politics. -AriMelber

Foot rub at #dnc08 Huffington Oasis, lost ability to form sentences. It's on video. -craignewmark (THAT Craig)

MSNBC: Matthews has gone one full minute without snarling at Olbermann. So far so good! -billbarol

and joe francis may be attempting top get into the #bigtent. shouldn't he be in jail? -alisavino

Huerta's HRC applause lines are falling flat. Feels like all the air has gone out of the Hillary diehards. -billbarol