10/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My First Convention: Sam Stein

On our last day at the RNC, Glynnnis and I enjoyed the company of my colleague, the intrepid Sam Stein, HuffPo political reporter and impressive copy-churning machine, who joined us at the CNN Grill for some wi-fi/french-fry action. The tireless Sam missed the DNC for reasons about which he is inexplicably shy, but at least we got to enjoy his ferocious new-chasing skillz at the RNC, where he chased down Sarah Palin's Alaska history like an airborne hunter with a rifle. He also throws it down a bit with Tom Edsall previous "My First Convention"-eer, Political Editor at HuffPo, and Sam's boss. You gonna take that lying down, Tom? (Just kidding. Sam and Tom heart each other.) Anyhow, it was Sam's first convention and we loved hearing about what he liked, what he learned, and whether he was going to finish that milkshake. Play it again, Sam!

p.s. Sam missed the DNC because he got engaged! Whoo! Congrats, Sam!