10/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jolt Into The Week: Tricky At House of Blues

Remember Tricky? You know, the English producer and hip-hop/rock musician who had a fling with Björk, pissed off Gary Oldman for "facking eatin' a Twix!" during the filming of The Fifth Element, and hasn't released a record in close to five years? For those who have forgotten, Tricky makes it very clear on "Council Estate," the single from his new Knowle West Boy album: "Remember boy, you're a superstar!," he repeatedly tells himself during the chorus. Good to know the old chap's still brimming with confidence. As far his ability, however, there's a little left to be desired: "Council Estate" is a fast-paced blast of propulsive drums, buzz-saw guitar, and glitchy electronics, but the lyrics are surprisingly uninspired, especially given how long he's had to work on them.

House of Blues
329 N Dearborn St
Chicago IL 60610
17 and over

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