10/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Palin Interview: Twitter Goes Crazy

Go Charlie Gibson! Great interview of Sarah Palin last night — smart, pointed, and damn effective — it just shows what you can get out of someone completely unprepared to be president by being deferential and respectful. The takeaway: She didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was, she was unfamiliar with the concept of cross-border incursions into Pakistan from Afghanistan, and she's so excited for war with Russia that she never bothered to learn the facts about Georgia. Also, she's been to Canada and Mexico! I haven't been to Mexico, but otherwise I think I'm pretty qualified to be vice-president.

Twitter went bananas during the interview last night (and if you doubt me, consider just how many times the phrase "Bush Doctrine" suddenly came up). Here are some of the more astute observations and/or funny punch lines:

@jessicacoen Palin SO didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was.

@komejo: Sarah Palin didn't know about the Bush Doctrine, but she agrees with it

@anamariecox How do you fuck up "BUSH DOCTRINE"? Not that complicated: WE SHOOT 1st. Surely the wolves she hunts from the air are familiar w/ the concept

@doctorandree: Palin is a blank slate! Even *I* know what the Bush Doctrine is! Sheesh!

@mikemadden What will the Palin doctrine be? "We have the right to preemptive strikes against wolves and librarians"?


@HowardKurtz Charlie got the job done. No question about it. He asked the questions we all wanted to ask. And this is just the first 1/3

@jayrosen_nyu @Norm Ornsteinwatched: "Utter inexperience and utter arrogance is about the worst possible combination I can imagine."

@bnmeeks: And, god forbid, don't ask her to explain the Bush Doctrine, the very guts of what has demolished America's world reputation; she can't.

@rachelsklar OMG can you imagine if Couric had done the interview? LEG-OFF!!!

@superfemme: Hearing that Palin doesn't know Bush Doctrine. How can she speak with such convinction yet know so little?

@rhh Am starting to appreciate Rove's genius for realizing early that McCain had to be kept out of the WH at all costs.

@rachelsklar WHERE IS HER FLAG PIN

@mikemadden Watching Palin on ABC, I'm a little surprised she never ordered the Alaska Natl Guard to invade Canada.

@dceiver PALIN ON ABC: What about your trip to Ireland? Your plane refueled there! With important foreign policy oils!

@rachelsklar Thought on Palin intvu: If she's supposedly been learning at the feet of the master, what does that say about the master?

@gperez: I'd really like to make a bumper sticker for Joe Biden that says "Ask ME about the Bush Doctrine."

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