10/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Daily Show Sings Streisand

The Daily Show must be reading ETP, because how else would they have thought to sing an entire medley of Streisand songs on the show last night? Er, okay, perhaps they figured it out on their own. (Or also once watched an old SNL!) But still! We are always thrilled to see Babs get her due, which in this case means Samantha Bee sending in the clowns, Rob Riggle making a Yentl joke (Papa watch me fly!) and John Oliver leaping across the Daily Show set defying anyone to rain on his parade. Purists among us may have recognized a possible "I Am The Beautiful Reflection Of My Love's Affection" joke about Bristol Palin in there, but that kind of Funny Girl literacy may be too much to ask. Even now, readers are probably saying, "Why is this person forcing me to read about about things I neither know nor care about before getting to the good stuff, which is namely the video which is already set up, so really, put a sock in it?" And to that I say, Feh! Everybody says don't, everybody says don', never mind. Here you go!

A note on super-special Daily Show musical numbers: Back in the summer of 2005, when embeddable video was just a gleam in the Internet's eye, I would eagerly write up the previous night's Daily Show the next day, replaying the best moments for those who had been unable to watch, and had no way to do so while pretending to look busy at work the next day. Oh how innocent we were then! Here's my write up from July 19, 2005 where I go apoplectic about what to this day is still one of the best segments I've seen on the show: A spoof on "The Telephone Hour" from Bye-Bye Birdy about Karl Rove, Joe Wilson, Matt Cooper and Plamegate. It's awesome. Read all about it here — lyrics lovingly transcribed! — or, you know, just be all boring and modern n' stuff and watch it below. Sigh.

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