10/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Journalists Continue To Struggle With Basic Facts Of Presidential Transition

Robert Pear has a process story in yesterday's New York Times that describes the Presidential transition process that's ongoing for both the McCain and Obama camps. Pear recalls:

Both campaigns refused to discuss their transition plans, saying they did not want to jinx their chances or appear too cocky. The Obama campaign was stung in July when Republicans called Mr. Obama presumptuous for lining up transition advisers.

Oh, yes! Who can forget July? When the Obama campaign was getting stung by Republicans for doing something as utterly commonplace as setting up a transition team in July, something that anyone who's in the know should know gets done. But back in July, some guy named Dana Milbank - clearly some sort of greenhorn neophyte or something - prevailed, mistakenly, at Obama's "presumptuousness."

Back to Pear's process story of yesterday:

Presidential scholars, historians and former White House officials of both parties say that transition planning, far from being premature, ought to have begun months ago.

Ha! In one recorded case, they did! I think more political journalists need to maybe study some presidential history and scholarship!