10/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The CTA's Digital Upgrade

The Chicago Transit Authority is planning a series of technological upgrades designed to increase revenue and improve service.

Buses will be getting digital ads, agency president Ron Huberman announced Monday, which will double as message boards in the event of an emergency. The new campaign is being tested on a single bus on the No. 124 Navy Pier route.

In a 90-minute discussion with the CTA Tattler, Huberman revealed that within the next eight months, the CTA will install 55-inch plasma screens in every train station.

There will be one screen above the fareboxes, another on each stairway, and at least two on the platform level. The TVs are free to the CTA, paid for through advertising in a partnership with Titan Worldwide Outdoor.

The bottom quarter of the screen will contain CTA travel information, including the arrival time for the next train. Ads will rotate on the rest of the screen. If there's an emergency, the CTA will take over the entire screen and broadcast information to riders.

This deal also means $101 million in ad revenue for the CTA over the 10-year contract.

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