10/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Biden's Team Restricting Press Access Too

John McCain's campaign isn't the only one in the game of restricting press access.

As Joseph Biden addressed the rope line of supporters following his speech at the National Jewish Democratic Council conference Tuesday evening, an aide to the Senator was asking reporters to leave the area.

At least three journalists were told that they couldn't listen in on what Biden was saying to the throngs of people who had lined up to have their picture taken with the Senator. Instead, they were directed back to the press section - well removed from and out of view of the vice presidential candidate.

The clamped down access came just hours after Biden was caught on tape at a rope line in Ohio saying that he didn't support the construction of clean coal plants in America - a position somewhat at odds with Barack Obama.

That his handlers would subsequently restrict access seemed more than coincidental. But the press aide to the Senator, whose name I didn't catch, insisted that it was not she who was demanding the reporters be removed but rather the NJDC. An NJDC official, on background, refuted the idea flatly. "We weren't in charge of the rope line. That was Biden's people."

In the end, this type of restriction is minor compared to the total blackout offered by John McCain's campaign. While McCain held his first, brief press conference today -- for the first time in 40 days -- Sarah Palin has yet to take a question from a national reporter. Biden, in contrast, has done more than 80 interviews.