10/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Craig Ferguson Should Host The Emmys

Apparently, not many people enjoyed the comedic stylings of the newly formed Seacrest-Probst-Klum-Bergeron-Mandel Laugh Troupe. Watching the early part of this year's Emmy show was like sitting through L.A.'s rush-hour traffic: You were stuck in your seat and bored out of your mind--and someone nearby had guns in their car.

I understand why ABC and the Emmy powers that be went with the reality crew. But if I were running a network--given that truly bankable hosts are tough to come by, and with the Emmys still delivering a big audience--I would have used the slot to boost one of my own stars.

ABC didn't tap its current late-night franchise, Jimmy Kimmel, and in hindsight it could be easily argued that was a mistake. But Monday morning quarterbacking is too easy, so I'll put myself out there: CBS should name Craig Ferguson next year's host.

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