11/02/2008 05:12 am ET Updated 3 days ago

Nothing To Say

After rewatching the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interviews, it occurs to me that Palin's real problem is that she's got nothing to say.

I mean that figuratively, but as this video I put together shows, at times it's also literally true:

Sarah Palin's got the ambition to be Vice President (or President), but it's pretty clear that she doesn't have a clue why, other than a vague commitment to the religious right coupled with a touch of conservative populism.

She's probably got the charm and basic memory ability to muddle her way through the vice presidential debate tonight, but she's given no indication that she has any particular insight to offer on any of the fundamental problems facing this country -- economic, foreign policy, or anything else.

Although I have no doubt that she seriously wants to win, she is the most unserious candidate for national office in my lifetime.

And that makes John McCain even worse -- because he's the guy who picked her.