11/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated 4 days ago

New Ad: Voters Can't Believe McCain's Health Care Policy Extremes

The progressive group Health Care for America Now is up with a new spot whacking John McCain for proposing a health care policy that voters can't even believe is real. The ad takes responses from the group's previous focus group testing - during which voters were read various McCain proposals - and turns them on the Senator.

"John McCain's health care plan is so outrageous that when we previewed our new ads about it, people couldn't even believe what they saw," the narrator says.

It's a clever move in an political ad cycle that has seen its fair share of noteworthy takes. The spot is debuting on the web and is designed to raise funds for a separate campaign the group has launched in Ohio. The broader theme is one that both Health Care for America Now and (independently) the Obama camp has been hitting for weeks: voters shouldn't trust McCain with their health care, especially in these perilous economic times.

"The comments in the web ad are culled directly from our testing," said Jacki Schechner, a spokesperson for the group. "People didn't think McCain's plan could really be that detrimental. We think people should read more about it for themselves."